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Are you ready to take back control of your own life? Becoming a Secured Party Creditor is the first step towards this goal. This process includes everything that needs to be done to establish a superior interest in the debtor trust. In the “You File” Package Sovereign Filing Solutions as your personal agent will complete all necessary documentation (Documentation Creation ONLY) on your behalf so that you can be worry free, and confident in your standing as a Secured Party Creditor. The only available package on the Sovereign Connection is the You File package, for other packages or upgrades please contact Sovereign Filing Solutions http://makefreedom.com Documents that are included in this filing. (Please note this is a Sovereign Filings product and you will need to submit the form for compilation at the following address http://makefreedom.com/SFS/forms/secured-party-creditor-form/)

Security Agreement
Common Law Copyright
Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement
Bond For Investment
UCC Financing Statement
UCC Financing Addendum
Cover Letter
Declaration of Trust
Schedule A
and many more.

Separates with specific distinction the flesh and blood man from the fictitious corporate entity
Reserves/Secures rights and interests (Remember you have no rights unless they are asserted.)
Creates the ability to proceed in other filings/venues etc…
establish a superior interest in the debtor trust
establishes a Common Law Copyright
defines penalties for violations of rules and rights


To be able to complete the filing on your behalf as we will be acting as your agent in creating these documents it is of necessity for Sovereign Filing Solutions to have the following:

A power of attorney & Necessary Information for Filing

An original Certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth. (This can be obtained from your local Vital Statistics Office)

Please Contact Representative For Further Assistance or Inquiries by referring to the listed contact methods on the Contact Us page.

Please also note for the Notaries included package that we outsource the notaries to Your Acting Agent (http://www.youractingagent.com) and that a Power of Attorney & a copy of a photo ID must be released to them for them to do the notaries on your behalf. The Power of Attorney Form for them can be obtained HERE or on their website.


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