Attorney-In-Fact ID



This Attorney-In-Fact ID is a high quality plastic credit card size ID. With this ID you could Present an ID card that designates you as a Para-legal and Attorney-In-Fact with the right and authority to act in the private [non-governmental] sector. Compliant with the laws of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The sentient man or woman identified on this card has the right to – initiate Private Administrative Processes, including fling Criminal Complaints, Title 42 actions, CAFV [Conditional Acceptance for Value] documents and Tort claims [pursuant to International Law via agreement of all parties]. As well as take other legal actions in dealing with statutory tribunals or administrative agencies. To make a ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ when he or she observes the commission of any crime. You are a ‘private attorney general’… so get the Special Counsel ID Card that designates you as such.

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